The Blissful Cat Simply Fresh Deodorizer - 1 gallon

The Blissful Cat Simply Fresh Deodorizer - 1 gallon


Just How Many Cats DO You Have?

If you've ever been asked that by someone who just walked into your home, you know the red-facedfeeling of being Cat Shamed. Simply Everything Fresh Spray will ensure you are never Litter Box laughed at again!

Simply Everything Fresh Pet Deodorizing Spray Product Info

• Eliminates offensive odors - not just cover them up

• Refreshes and deodorizes

• Light Scent of Ruby Grapefruit

• Alcohol free

• Fabric safe

• Safe for environment

• Safe for direct use on dogs, cats and horses

• Do not spray near birds or reptiles - you'll have to find another way to refresh your python pit

• Available in 8 oz mist-spray bottles and gallons

Simply Everything Fresh Pet Odor Neutralizer Spray Ingredients: Water, Panthenol, Fragrance - Ruby Grapefruit Botanical Essences, Citric Acid and Silver Citrate, Amodimethicone, Glycerin, and Silk Protein