The Blissful Cat Shine and Detangler Spray - 4oz

The Blissful Cat Shine and Detangler Spray - 4oz


Shine-On+Sheen! Cat Coat De-Tangler, Coat Polish & Leave-In Conditioner

You'll Wonder How You Lived Without It

Every coat type from the sleekest of Bengals to the abundantly coated Persian benefits from SHINE ON+SHEEN.

This spray is a leave-in conditioner that also de-tangles, de-matts that adds shine and sheen!

• Untangles the most tangled of tangles

• Loosens mats

• No more static

• Reduces drying time

• Shines & polishes your cat's coat

• Repels dirt

• Use when brushing

• Use between baths

• Alcohol free & hypo-allergenic

• Use as is Shine-On+Sheen!

Coat Spray Product Info

• All natural & organic ingredients

• In 8 oz & Gallons

• Includes complete tips & directions booklet

Shine-On+Sheen! Spray Ingredients

• Water

• Silk & Keratin Proteins

• Glycerin Coco

• Betaiine Amodimethicone

• Araleaceae (Ginseng)

• Rosa Robigiosa (Rose Hips)

• Salvia Officonalis (Sage)

• Vitamins (A, D, E)

• Paraben Free Preservative

• Botanical Essence infused with Sweet Pea